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    Cuando la vida te pone pruebas siempre dejan marcas...en algunas personas esas marcas son difíciles de mitigar. El amor cuando es de verdad cura...Un Ebooks de fácil lectura que engancha. E.L.Todd mantiene su línea de intriga y romance. epub


    Es lo que nos pasa cada dia que si llegamos tarde a classe ,nos dejamos los deberes ,problemas relacionados con el amor y la familia...


    epub personellement, j\'ai adoré lire ce livre mais il n\'est pas du tout fait pour les enfants. beaucoup trop de mots compliqués que même dico KOBO ne connaît parfois pas. sinon génial continuez comme ça !


    Maravilloso de principio a fin con una historia y unos personajes conmovedores. 100% recomendable


    Cross is on the case the murdered black girls in downtown where nobody cares who disappears or is murdered. He is mourning the loss of his fiancée Christine who has been kidnapped whilst the family were on a trip to Jamaica. Geoffrey Shafer surfaces as the notorious Mr Smith who is responsible for a string of murders in various countries and who Cross believes is also behind the kidnapping of Christine. The ebooks follows the story of the hunt for Shafer who is elusive and cunning and as a MI6 agent in a past life is also very clever at evading capture. He is finally tracked down and after a tussle with Cross in the sea whilst swimming out to his boat to escape once more is believed to have drowned...but has he. Read it and find out. Fast moving and another difficult to put down ebooks from James Patterson. Recommended series epub

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